Fundamentals of Yachting (YY1)

Turkish Sailing Federation YY1 certificate

If you want to take a Sailing Training above the beginner level. The Basics of Sailing Yachting (YY1) training is just for you. Our Sailing Course YY1 at this level. It aims to train sailing yachtsmen. Who are familiar with all kinds of equipment on sailing yachts. And a yachtsmen who understand the sailing principle of sailing yachts. Who have the ability to do all kinds of work that can be done on a sailing yacht under the supervision of a master.

At the end of the Sailing Course YY1, you are entitled to receive the YY1 certificate issued by the World Sailing approved Turkish Sailing Federation.

Duration of Sailing Education

Sailing Yachting Basics training. The total duration of our training lasts for 5 days over 5 hours a day. Total is 30 hours.

Sailing Course YY1 – On the water

Sailing Course 1
White Sole Sneakers
Sailing Course 2
Lesson 3
Long Sleeve Shirt
Lesson 4

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