Tok Sailing was established with the partnership of Onur TOK and Tuğrul Elbirler, who were introduced to the sport of sailing at a young age and have adopted sailing as a way of life ever since. Our founding purpose is to convey our sailing training experiences to people or companies who want to meet the sea, and to work to make maritime and sailing sport popular with more people. Since our country is surrounded by seas on three sides, our main goal is to increase the interest in the sea and to enable more people to sail. For this reason, we encourage more people to learn about sailing and to take sailing training.

amator denizci belgesi uygulama egitimi

Hello Sailing

A training series that introduces basic concepts and equipment for beginners to sailing, and shares the excitement of those who meet the sea for the first time.
Sailing Training – İstanbul

Introduction to sailing

Basic training program that teaches sailing techniques and maneuvers, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for beginners to gain experience.
Pupa Yelken

Amateur Sailor Practice Training

Comprehensive training course for amateur sailors, where practical skills are developed and theoretical knowledge of sailing and maritime is learned by applying.
Yelken Eğitimi İstanbul

Advanced Sailing Training

A professional-grade training series for experienced sailors that teaches advanced techniques and strategies to help them succeed in more challenging weather and competitive environments.